I wanted to follow up to last week’s post about my first week following a meal plan and talk to you about a craze taking over Pinterest: Zoodles (hashtag #Inspiralized)

Zoodles with Bolognese sauce

Zoodles is short hand for zucchini noodles and if you like spaghetti squash, you’ll like these too. You need to first buy a “spiralizer” which shreds veggies while rotating, to achieve a noodle shape.

For most veggies you will spiralize, you do not need to cook them.  Definitely do not cook them first, the veggie will be too mushy to shred.

Because zoodles take an extra kitchen tool, I can’t decide if they are easier or harder than spaghetti squash, which involves cooking and shredding to get the squash strands into your bowl.

In addition to zoodles, I also made yam ribbons which I tossed in the dehydrator and made into some crunchy treats for my dog.

If you like kitchen gadgets, get a spiralizer. If you don’t like gadgets and just want a low calorie or low carb pasta substitute, there’s spaghetti squash as well as a ton of other products out there worth trying (ps shirataki noodles are really weird but in a way I’ve come to like as their own unique thing).

As for my meal planning attempt, I felt successful and each day I got faster at prep time. I’m planning to keep it up again for another week but also spoke with the nutritionist about some short cuts!

One thought on “Zoodles

  1. Marie McAndrews says:

    Yum! I’m on a zoodles kick right now…. Zoodles with pesto to be exact! I like the taste better than spaghetti squash, and I find them WAY easier and quicker to prepare. I don’t even sautee my zoodles anymore; I just zap them in the microwave for a minute or two to warm them up!! 😉

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