Starting again

My February was a mess but keeping in touch with friends and my partner got me to the other side and now, here we are, about to welcome April.

Here’s a few ridiculous things that actually happened:

  • My company sent me to an all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic as part reward for hitting a goal and part retreat to work on a few cross functional projects.
  • I wore my jeans clear through, then ordered 2 new pairs of PajamaJeans.
  • I went to Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and got some motivation to post again.
  • I looked up the average cost of raising a child to feel less guilty about my personal extravagances (replacing 1 pair of pants with 2?! Lookout folks, high roller coming through).
  • I did my taxes on my own (with software) and paid them right away and only managed to royaly screw up my auto pay schedule for a solid week.
  • I spent a decent amount of Jiu-Jitsu training learning how to fall. (It sucks, and is scary but is important).

And here are a few nice-to-knows if you’re a Not A Mom Squad super fan:

  • I’m starting an Instagram
  • I’m going to make a not a mom squad budget because seeing what other people spend and think of as luxuries is amazing
  • I’m re-committing to posting more and this time my action plan to do it is to worry less! So, expect a few typos and an increase in nonsense.

Hope you survived winter 2017 and made it to the other side with me!

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