My Non-Mom Budget

I read that the average cost per year for raising a child is about $14,000.  Unfortunately, there are no studies on the cost of raising an adult child.

Until now.

Side Note: I am mortified to post this and reveal what I’m spending on myself because it makes me feel frivolous, wasteful, self-indulgent, and like a total slacker. But, I’m also hoping to ease those feelings in others by sharing this. Like I said in my last post, it’s ok to take care of yourself and when you put yourself first, you’re better able to care for others. I’d like to think most of my spending make my a better person/partner/employee. At the very least, they help keep me alive!

So as it turns out, I cost about the same as a child! Here’s a breakdown of what I’m spending my paycheck on instead of diapers and childcare:

Expense Monthly Cost Annual Cost Notes
Personal Trainer $420 $5040 Approximate based on 6 sessions a month because my trainer and I are both big flakes and cancel on each other at least once a month
Nutritionist $120 $480 Just started this and not sure how long I’ll keep it up; right now I’m estimating 12 weeks
Massage Envy $90 $540 Cost for a 6 month subscription with 1 60-minute massage a month plus tips.
Therapist $30 $360 Copay cost for 1 visit a month, but my attendance fluctuates depending on what’s going on at work or home!
GrubHub $250 $3000 Based off an extreme month where I sometimes ordered-in twice in one day. Hoping that starting with a nutritionist helps curb this expense!
Housekeeping $240 $3000 Assumes we’ll skip up to 2 weeks a year.
Total $1150 $12420  ($13800 if I renew my 6-month Massage Envy membership and keep weekly nutritionist appointments for the year)

Seeing the numbers is shocking, but it leads me to ask a few questions about my lifestyle.

  1. Do I need all the services I’m paying for? Nah, but I’m thankful that I can afford them.
  2. What’s the first thing I would cut if I needed to scale back? Grubhub for sure. It’s a guilty pleasure but I can cook and my other expenses actually help me function.
  3. If I weren’t such a high stress person, if I retired early, or otherwise didn’t have to work, would I still need some of this stuff? Probably not…I think if I retired early¬†(when?!) , I’d ditch the housekeeper and GrubHub. I’d hope that I wouldn’t need to see the therapist as often because I’d have less stress! And I think I’d trade the personal training for group classes because my schedule would be way more flexible.

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