Meal Planning and Preparation for Idiots

The alternate title of this post could be, “It took an hour and all I got was half a day’s worth of food.”

So like most 30-somethings/people who are known to eat ice cream for dinner, I have a few pounds I would like to lose. I promise I won’t make this a weight loss blog filled with horrific recipes that are meant to replace all that’s good in life, but I will take a few posts to talk about what it’s like to work with a nutritionist.

First I chatted with Becky by phone about my goals, my activity level and energy levels, and my previous successes and failures at maintaining weight. Ultimately, I told her my goals were to have more energy, lose some weight, and find some dinners and meals that are easy, low stress, and delicious. My first week’s goal was simple: challenge myself to only GrubHub once this week.

She in turn sent me a customized meal plan with grocery list and recipes. I pretty much immediately died when I read the first week: baby spinach, mixed greens, salmon, greek yogurt…looks like diet food to me. YUCK! But, I know my current eating habits are clashing with my energy levels and my waistline, so I decided to give it a try.

And so it begins. First I’m overwhelmed with my grocery haul (delivered via Peapod,  did you think I’d shop for myself? Get $20 off your first order and be lazy like me).

Then I start prepping: boiling eggs, chopping veggies, assembling fruit & yogurt and salads for Monday in advance.

I portioned out everything that I need to bring to the office with me in order to use all of my willpower to not eat whatever fast food lunch and candy is in our company kitchen and, hopefully, arrive at my networking event not starving.

An hour, for half a day! Maybe I’ll get faster, or maybe this is a lost cause. Time will tell. I’ll keep you posted! (the number of dishes is already giving my anxiety)

UPDATE: Day 2 meal prep only took 20 minutes. I’m feeling a little more pumped about the food too (less greens, more meat). Still a lot of greens though!

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