5 Must-Do Sunday Activities

Garfield didn’t invent hating Mondays. If you’re working for the weekend and need a few ideas to help you prepare to make it through the week, here are five must-do’s according to me.

  1. Laundry – As you know I hate chores, but nothing makes your week more chaotic than running out of underwear midweek. Do yourself a favor and wash undies, socks, anything you like wearing or layer and gym clothes on Sunday so that you have all your basics clean for the week.
  2. Throw something in a crockpot – There’s thousands of blogs dedicated to meal prepping that you can read an enact, but if you’re just looking for a busy week to suck less, keep it simple. Throw a few frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts into a crockpot, cover with water and cook on high for about 4 hours. The chicken will shred easily and provide you with a blank slate to add to other meals all week.
  3. Check your calendar – As a dog-mom, it’s important for me to coordinate my schedule with my partner and figure out if there are any days or nights when we’ll need a dog walker  if both of us are working late. If you travel for work, you’ll want to glance at your schedule and figure out what trips are coming up and if you need to run any errands or make arrangements before heading out of town. I’m simultaneously busy and lazy, so I’ll take a look on Sunday night at what’s on my agenda for the week and determine what errands I need to run to make my workdays less chaotic like running to the ATM or pre-booking parking.
  4. Pick one thing to look forward to – After looking at your calendar, find something in your week to get pumped about, ideally not Friday at 5. If you have a long week of meetings, or a busy week of deadlines, use your Sunday prep-time to make plans with a friend for coffee or cold ones.
  5. Make Monday morning suck less – Work will never be the same as the weekend, but you can make the hardest part of the week suck less by making sure you have everything you need ready to go. Basic essentials for a good Monday morning include coffee, finding and washing out your travel mug, pulling out a grab and go breakfast option, and picking out an outfit so you can hit the snooze at least once or twice.


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